Spring is coming!

Wedding season is around the corner so today I grabbed my phone and drove to some of my favourite fabric suppliers for a quick scout around to see what is available to play with!

A few favourites stood out for me and I am super excited as there is no shortage of texture, sheer mesh, embroidery, bold prints and serious some bling! This spring/summer is about being strong, soft, bold and subtle all in one beautiful mish mash of everything female.


Textured Whites

There is something very bohemian about white lace paneled into chiffon, cotton, silk and loads of chunky detailing all mixed together! A beach wedding would thank you kindly for this ‘oh so’ dreamy trend.


Sheer Bling!

There is something I have always just loved about a gorgeous soft and sheer bridal mesh. This season, with plenty of shades to choose from, they are adding some bling to the occasion! Romance with a touch of vivacious royalty makes me want to put on my velvet slippers and order some more Prosecco please!


Mystical queen.

There is no denying that ‘Game Of Thrones’ has certainly had an influence on the runway looks of late, I simply adore the magical mystery that a soft shimmery black tulle can offer. Jewels of all colours sparkle in these deep and super sensual evening looks.


Dark, bold floral.

We all need a splash of floral in our lives and this season it is so grown up. Deep, dark prints and bold embroideries invites the beginning of what is to be a most memorable Spring!


Come on spring we are so ready for you!





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